My lesson is learned
So this I do know
My freedom is earned
So please let me go

Framed for a crime
I did not commit
Jailed for some time
And so here I sit

Sentenced to the earth
And condemned to die
Whatever it is worth
And regardless of why

Kept in the dark
Blinded by the light
The outlook is stark
The truth out of sight


Standing on the comer
Here is what I see
I see a guy walking by
Who looks a lot like me

Going through the motions
We all must follow through
Doing all of the things
We are supposed to do

Stopping at the lights
Abiding by the law
Over and over again
Like riding a seesaw

Living day to day
Surviving year to year
Staying on the path
Like life is a career

Following all the rules
Playing the same game
Like bees inside a hive
Every day is the same

Everybody looks alike
We speak the same way
Somebody asks a question
We know just what to say
In all the voices I hear
In all the points of view
Nobody ever knows
More or less than I do

Standing on the corner
Watching myself walk by
Without ever knowing
As to the reason why

Standing on the comer
Walking down the street
I see a mirror image
In every face I meet


If you can hear
Above the chatter
Place your ear near
Does one life matter?

So many live and die
Too many to ever count
No one can specify
As to the precise amount

Generations come and go
Beings abound far and near
And we may never know
The reason we are here

A frog croaks at night
His universe is the pond
Can a life so finite
Have any meaning beyond?

Does every grain of sand
Even matter to the stars?
Does what we understand
Concern the ants on Mars?

Do the fish in the sea
Or the birds in the sky
Know about you and me
Or care if we live or die?

For every red balloon
There are infinitely more
We may know the tune
We do not know the score


I cry when I think of Pete Seeger
His songs bring tears to my eyes
But I cannot seem to shed a tear
When it comes to my own demise

I get misty about my children
My grandchildren and my wife
But it does not seem to bother me
When I think about losing my life

I get sad when I think of the struggles
Some people have all their lives
But I must believe when a body dies
Something greater still survives

I can see the end of the tunnel
Somehow I can see the light
I do not know what will happen
But I know it will be alright


For whom does the bell toll?
Beneath the stars and sun
All parts of the whole
An infinity of one


You are born and then you die
Life consists of the days between
Live and love, laugh and cry
The source of it stays unseen

As you grow, you never know
How you came to be alive
You only know, the row you hoe
Will help you to survive

Your organism will die some day
Like a flower, a dolphin or bird
As you pray to stay some way
Eternal souls may be absurd

Born into this world of wonder
Full of colors and infinity
Amid rain and sounds of thunder
Hoping to exist for eternity


In death, I prefer to fade away
Without any heartache or pain
Drift away softly, at end of day
Late at night in the pouring rain

With raindrops on the rooftop
In the gentleness of night
As my heart does finally stop
My soul will lose its sight

Whatever comes will be alright
As I ease on away from here
As my soul does take its flight
Beyond all the pain and fear

Seeking to exist above the fray
Away from this moment in time
Ascending to exist another way
Some way much more sublime


Come on pretty baby
Let’s take a little trip
I’m not too young
And I’m not too hip

I’m going to California
Come away with me
Way down the road
Come along and see

We can hitch a ride
Or maybe just walk
Spend time with me
As we walk and talk

Three thousand miles
On a four day ride
As long as we’re together
We will be satisfied

Come and go with me
I will keep you near
I will keep you safe
You have nothing to fear

Together we can make it
In all kinds of weather
Our love for each other
Will keep us together

I will watch over you
By your side I will stay
You will never be alone
Not a moment or a day

You were born in New York
I was raised in L.A
Come along with me
I will show you the way

New York to California
I’ve been down that road
Let’s hit the highway
We can share the load

Make me your home
I will be your family
Bring along your love
Come away with me


I can see my hands
I can see my feet
I can feel my heart
I can feel it beat

Am I an organism
Or just using one?
Going for a ride?
Doing it for fun?

Thoughts are illusions
The organism real
The body must die
To no longer feel

Are we born again
Another place and time
Or die with our bones
After one lifetime?

The organism dies
The brain rots away
Is it an illusion
We return someday?

We exist forever
To matter at all
Beyond any limit
Beyond any wall