I came to a town and walked all around
Looking for a place with space to lie down
Under wave after wave of machinery sound
But found no place not owned
And no place not patrolled
Just mile after mile of concrete ground
A man soon passed
I immediately asked
What place is nearby for a man like me
Who wants to be warm and safe and free?
He glanced around to see
Then shook his head
And shrugged and said
I really don’t know
Where you should go
But you shouldn’t wait
Don’t hesitate
It’s getting late
The cops will get you for vagrancy
Get off the streets, the sooner the better
Remember, be careful, don’t loiter
He started away
I asked once again
For a suggestion of direction
Just head for the hills
I heard him say
I started to move
He pointed the way


I heard you say
There will come a day
When I will turn away
From the life I lead
That life your way
Is what I need
Retreat indeed!
The longer one stays
And the older one gets
The more he is set
In his path worn ways
Raised as your son
I have just begun
To break away
From living your way


Oh Vietnam, we love so well
Your war we hold so dear
Fond thoughts of the bloodshed
Stay through each passing year

As we dwell in apathy
Our memories we will hold
We won’t forget dear Vietnam
We’ll remember the arms we sold

Drafted fools, forced to go
Shit and piss over your land
Military orders, kill for peace
Puppets pulled by our hand

Expand the war, we don’t care
We’re eating well and riding high
Sipping cocktails most casually
Enjoying life, while you die

All the madness, countless deaths
Flesh rotting and bodies cold
Brought us great abundance
Wealth and pleasures untold

Oh Vietnam, fortune’s paradise
To stuff the stomachs of men
By blowing up bellies and families
Of the native Viet Minh


Many times I sit and think
About what goes on about me
Sensing the scents
The sights and sounds
The tastes and textures
Constantly around
I see myself to be within it
And wish to be without it