Here inside the doldrums
Of inhumane humanity
So many wretched problems
The only refuge insanity

Millions of years of torment
Drifting by as only a day
Gone away in just a moment
All talk and nothing to say

Nothing new under the sun
Such was written long ago
Stars burn out, and are done
The planets come and go

Soon mankind will not exist
The heartache will be gone
What remains will persist
To seek a brand new dawn


Beyond all comprehension
Beyond all death and birth
Beyond all our perception
Beyond the sun and earth

Beyond the bird that sings
Beyond the wind that blows
Beyond all earthly things
Beyond all anyone knows

Beyond the weeks and days
Beyond the months and years
Beyond all our evil ways
Beyond all thoughts and fears

Beyond all walls and limits
Beyond all leaps and bounds
Beyond all hours and minutes
Beyond all sights and sounds

Beyond seeds we have sewn
Beyond what is seen or heard
Beyond what has been grown
Beyond every human word

Beyond what we perceive
Beyond all which is shown
Beyond what we believe
Beyond all which is known