Oh, to rise above the level of earth
Where war continues since my birth
War is part of nature, it is clear
That’s the way it is around here

War is quite natural, or so it seems
Nature is calling when you hear screams
Don’t need a scientist to figure it out
War is just natural, without a doubt

War is as natural as it can be
Natural as a beehive up in a tree
Facts are facts, although misunderstood
We must accept the bad with the good

War has gone on throughout history
Might as well get used to the misery
War will continue after we all die
War is natural, do not ask me why


There is a god, playing a game
Win or lose, it is all the same
The one playing is all of us
Not just riders, we drive the bus

When the train of life goes around the bend
To know what’s coming, the game would end
We exist to play and to entertain
We drive as well as ride this train

Hide and go seek and peek a boo
If you can see me, I can see you
Talking to you is like talking to me
We are one and the same in reality

Separation is a grand illusion
The concept of self, only delusion
It all is part of this game we play
Live to die and play another day


Moonlight glimmers upon the ocean
Dancing with the water’s motion
Ancient waves roll up on the shore
Before we came and forever more


I was born and that’s it
I learned how to spit


Rain falls silently on the sea
As nature works in harmony
Ease my soul and make it free
Guide me through eternity

Raindrops falling upon the ocean
Quietly melt in the ocean’s motion
Forever void of all emotion
Eternity is more than a notion


War is natural, and so is death
We are dead before we take a breath
Not to complain, but let me explain
To have pleasure, we must have pain

All things have opposites for a reason
Hot and cold each has its season
Black and white, wrong and right
Dark and light and day and night

Without mentioning any names
The one in charge is playing games
The only way to stay is to go away
The stage is set to perform the play

We cannot live unless we do not
Oh my, what an intriguing plot!
It keeps us on the edges of our seats
It is on, it is off, and then it repeats

Mountains are high, valleys are deep
In birth we awaken, in death we sleep
Unconscious and unaware we are gone
Death is the night and birth is the dawn

We cannot be happy without fear
No one can laugh without a tear
There cannot be love if not for hate
To wonder why is a hopeless fate


At a certain age of youth
Everything is known
At a certain stage the truth
After aging is not shown