Standing on the comer
Here is what I see
I see a guy walking by
Who looks a lot like me

Going through the motions
We all must follow through
Doing all of the things
We are supposed to do

Stopping at the lights
Abiding by the law
Over and over again
Like riding a seesaw

Living day to day
Surviving year to year
Staying on the path
Like life is a career

Following all the rules
Playing the same game
Like bees inside a hive
Every day is the same

Everybody looks alike
We speak the same way
Somebody asks a question
We know just what to say
In all the voices I hear
In all the points of view
Nobody ever knows
More or less than I do

Standing on the corner
Watching myself walk by
Without ever knowing
As to the reason why

Standing on the comer
Walking down the street
I see a mirror image
In every face I meet