Take a walk in the park,
Long after it gets dark.
See people left and right
In the glow of a light.

With shadows on the street
Of fellows whom we meet,
Humanity comes alive
In those who do survive.

Noise of the city hums
As the writers and bums
Discuss the human race
While flying through space.

Hoist the bottle higher,
As we stand ’round the fire
In the park, in the night,
The universe in sight.


Sea gulls, on the air they glide,
Over the waves to the land.
Soaring across the sky so wide,
To softly land on the sand.

Pelicans floating in the sky,
Upon the wind, so free.
Across the sunset, up so high,
Then dive down to the sea.

Invisibly, the wind does blow,
As into the horizon we stare.
Instinctively, the seabirds know
The silent prayer of the air.

(Published by The Society of Classical Poets Literary Journal, May 30, 2018)


Locked in a prison of circumstance,
In the physical limits of space,
We shout and sing, learn to dance,
Stuck in this human race.

Bound by blood and skin and bones,
Surrounded by stones and flowers.
Slaves to new media and cell phones,
We measure our lives with hours.

Time for this or space for that,
There is only here and now.
This is really where it’s all at,
And when it should be, somehow.


This goes for everyone,
Whoever is reading this:
Though it has all been fun,
This world I will not miss.

Leave me alone when I die,
Don’t bother me anymore.
I will not hear if you cry,
So what are your tears for?

Stop nagging and complaining.
I can’t hear you if I am dead.
Stop the talking and explaining
And leave me alone instead.

Stop picking on me already.
Give me peace when I am gone.
I will die when I am ready,
Then please leave me alone.

Do not bug me or even hug me.
It is too late to be nice.
You might as well just mug me.
You cannot kill me twice.

I will not be around to hear you
When you talk, so don’t even try.
I will be far away, not near you,
So leave me alone when I die.


If I believe in God,
My God is infinity.
God is every human,
Every plant and tree.

Infinity is the creator
Of everything you see,
Of every fly and bug,
Every flower and bee.

Every minute atom,
Every single entity.
Everyone in the universe,
Including you and me.

It goes on forever,
Beyond all humanity,
Beyond all we know,
Forever for eternity.