It would be easier to not exist
And yet existence does persist
Though I do not understand why
I cannot rest, unless I try

To wonder why or how or when
It is the way it always has been
As we orbit upon this ball
I find it strange to exist at all


This too shall pass
Blind until we see
Death comes at last
It has no remedy

A flower must die
To bloom once more
And so again we try
To see what death is for

Beating like a drum
As we come and go
Intervals must come
For the wind to blow

So vast the universe
Behold a cob of corn
Death rides a hearse
From night unto morn

Death goes on forever
For life to ever be
Always betrays never
Death makes us free


Sit on a chair, because it is there
Walk through a door in the wall
Here and there are everywhere
Unable to walk, you must crawl

You exist in order to exist
Survive so you will survive
Like a butterfly in the mist
You must live to be alive