Ever notice how time goes by?
The clock on the wall goes bong
Like a bird, the time does fly
Like an army, it marches along

Leaves on trees tumble and fall
The wind blows across tall grass
Life is short, does it matter at all?
We are born to live until we pass

Passage of time is incremental
Little by little, we grow and age
As memories can be sentimental
Every day we turn a new page

Our lives develop like a book
With chapters and twisting plots
Stories change each time we look
With emotions tied up in knots

Eventually our bodies will expire
As death comes upon us fast
Buried, entombed, consumed by fire
The future becomes the past

Our journeys take many turns
The road goes around the bend
A lifetime crashes and bums
As the book of life does end


Christians and Muslims all agree
There will be a judgment day
If I could ever talk to their God
Here is one thing I might say:

In case we do not pass your test
In the course of the human race
If we could fail and burn in hell
Why create us in the first place?


My dear country, I fear for you
My heart and soul are near to you
The land of the free and of my birth
The last frontier, here upon the earth

(Published by The Society of Classical Poets Literary Journal August 2016)


Here inside the doldrums
Of inhumane humanity
So many wretched problems
The only refuge insanity

Millions of years of torment
Drifting by as only a day
Gone away in just a moment
All talk and nothing to say

Nothing new under the sun
Such was written long ago
Stars burn out, and are done
The planets come and go

Soon mankind will not exist
The heartache will be gone
What remains will persist
To seek a brand new dawn


Beyond all comprehension
Beyond all death and birth
Beyond all our perception
Beyond the sun and earth

Beyond the bird that sings
Beyond the wind that blows
Beyond all earthly things
Beyond all anyone knows

Beyond the weeks and days
Beyond the months and years
Beyond all our evil ways
Beyond all thoughts and fears

Beyond all walls and limits
Beyond all leaps and bounds
Beyond all hours and minutes
Beyond all sights and sounds

Beyond seeds we have sewn
Beyond what is seen or heard
Beyond what has been grown
Beyond every human word

Beyond what we perceive
Beyond all which is shown
Beyond what we believe
Beyond all which is known


Praying to change my life today
Hoping to find some way to pray
To love my life again some way
And force my doubts to go away

At times I feel things are not right
As I lay down to sleep at night
Remove the sadness from my sight
And tum this darkness into light

Heartache has tom my life asunder
It makes me lie awake and wonder
Here beneath the rain and thunder
I soon will die and go down under

As closer my dying day is near
Some things do remain unclear
I pray to go without much fear
No tear for a life I hold so dear

Though I lived only for awhile
I hope to leave this life in style
After I travel my very last mile
I pray to leave here with a smile


Birth is but an entrance
We have been here before
Death is like an exit
Out through the back door

Each time we are born
Everything seems so new
But like bees in a hive
We know just what to do

Could be we all are aliens
That came from inner space
To occupy these bodies
Within this human race

The mission is to experience
Each life as an observer
Just one stop on a trip
A journey lasting forever


While I have been here for awhile
Through it all, I still can smile
Thinking about where I have been
No difference between now and then

History in endless books of pages
Is only a moment in all the ages
As drops of rain go pitter patter
Every fallen sparrow does matter

All are one and one is all
As we hear the animals call
Different entities all the same
Living life is one big game

(Published by The Society of Classical Poets Literary Journal August 6, 2016)


You may need a doctor
You may need a nurse
Health is but an obstacle
In the physical universe

You may have to tie your shoes
With the shoestrings in a knot
One more thing to overcome
Here inside this universal plot

You may have some ice cream
Melting all over your hand
You may have to walk for miles
Across a dry desert of sand

You may have to dig a hole
To get to the water below
You may have to weather rain
Trudge through drifts of snow

You may have to fly above
The mountains way up high
You may go from here to there
Never stopping to wonder why

You may have to row a boat
Or pedal a bike down the street
You may have to smile and wave
At some of the folks you meet

You may have to have a job
Whatever it takes to get by
You may have a broken heart
Tears will fall when you cry

You may have to climb a hill
Wade barefoot across a creek
You may have to carry a load
Even though you may feel weak

You may have to eat some food
So your body can digest it
Your body functions as a tube
Sometimes you may detest it

You may have to throw a punch
Fight against your fellow man
You may even jump and stomp
All to kick his ass if you can

You may drop an atom bomb
Use a gun to blow people away
It happens often on this planet
Causing many to hope and pray

You may have to climb a tree
In order to obtain a better view
You may fall from the tree and die
And that will be the end of you

As you move on down the road
Remember, it could be worse
As we find so many obstacles
Here in this physical universe


If you should live too long
You may just end up dying
And if you can stay strong
You may avoid the crying

What happens on the way
All of this is up to you
Whatever you may say
May all of it ring true

Be truthful unto yourself
So said some ancient bard
Put the heartaches on a shelf
And it may not be so hard

Start the day with a smile
There is no need to frown
Breathe the air for awhile
Watch the sun shine down

Feel the warmth of the sun
Look high into the sky
And know we all are one
You are the reason why