Spiritually deaf and mute and blind
Not smelling nor tasting fruits divine
Untapped senses buried deep inside
Void of knowledge deep and wide

Open the door of a chasm so deep
Behold the wonders beyond and weep
Weep for a joy, wonderful indeed
Grown to blossom from a sacred seed

Smell the blossom and taste the fruit
Hear the sound of the farthest flute
Speak of a beauty felt deep within
Let a touch from without come in

See a beauty not shown to the eye
Feel a wind not blown in the sky
Breathe in air unknown by the lung
Hear a song in a tone never sung

(Published by Lone Stars Poetry Magazine Fall 2017)


There was a time when ideas were new
We were young and thought them through
Responsibilities were unreal, society abstract
The love between us was an unspoken pact

We were bound to live and had to grow
What it all amounted to, we didn’t know
We stumbled on forward, hopeful that we
Somehow could be different, and be free

Some of us married, some took ships to sea
We all found out how hard it could be
To choose a way at a fork in the road
When either way is a hard, heavy load

Now you are in a prison, a hell of a place
In a country, in a world, someplace in space
Inside some organism, in an infinite maze
Trying to see beyond the moments and days

Will come a time when we, some day
Will be together and will wither away
Remembering old times in the dark
Striking upon that long lost spark

Mouthing regrets and hopes we share
Silently admitting how much we care
About the good times we once knew
Despite the bad times, we still grew

Talking, we will be walking along
Joining to harmonize in a silent song
Until then I bid you well, my friend
And hope to see you before the end


I was born and have been around
Heard that silent highway sound
Now am grown and have been shown
Time to reap the seeds I have sewn

The world before me is the same
For me there is no claim to fame
I found happiness in the night
In the stillness, all was right

Plans were never the great plan
For life, itself, was better than
Plans to live with goals in mind
The goal of birth already behind

Love of life is always there
Sometimes I just stop and stare
Thinking about the life I breathe
And of the soul way down beneath


Quarter past five and the sky’s getting light
That old yellow sun will soon be in sight
I am driving home, I’ve been up all night
With these overtime, graveyard blues

Everywhere I look, there’s nobody around
Folks are just waking up, all over town
So they can go to work ’til the sun goes down
While I’ve got these old graveyard blues

After work I relax, as a general rule
Sit on my porch, watch the kids go to school
Drinking beer in the morning, I look like a fool
And I’ve got these old graveyard blues

My family’s waking up, I am ready for bed
When I should be awake, I’m asleep instead
Sometimes I feel I must be out of my head
And I get these old graveyard blues

Someday I’ll get a job, before my working days are done
When I won’t have to sleep beneath the heat of the sun
Spend every night with my wife, have a whole lot of fun
And forget about these graveyard blues