“We don’t know where we came from
We don’t know why we are here
We don’t know who or what we are
Our purpose is not very clear”

Well, my friend, look around
Wherever you are is here
Want to know who you are?
Try looking into a mirror

Want to know why you are here?
You are here because you are
Want to know where you are from?
From here and the nearest star

This is where you came from
This is where you are going to
Everything you see with your eyes
This is what you know to be true

Want to know when it all began?
Whenever it was, it was now
Now is the time it will always be
Who, what, when, where, but how?


Standing on the street
When a man said to me
So where can I go
If l want to be free?

It’s not a place to go
Not that you can see
It is a state of mind
Where you want to be


There is no pie in the sky when we die
This is all there is and the rest is a lie
Heaven is just a symbol for all that is good
Mankind is doomed until that’s understood

Hell is a symbol for all that is bad
All that is painful and all that is sad
If we cannot promote the good in this place
Hell may very well destroy the human race

Religion can sometimes cause more harm than good
It knocked down some buildings in one neighborhood
It can create havoc, cause death and war
This is it for eternity, there is nothing more


Flowers leaning toward the sun
The earth soaks up the rain
Sun shines until the day is done
Night time eases the pain

Redwoods rise up to the sky
Nourished by water and air
They never ever wonder why
Or ponder why they are there


The more things change
The more they stay the same
It may all seem strange
But it’s the same old game

Military is an accepted entity
Accepted worldwide, indeed
What good is new technology?
When peace is what we need

Every killing is a crime
There are no degrees or stages
Might as well go back in time
Back to the middle ages

We kill our fellow man
We kill each other for peace
When will we understand?
All war should forever cease


Somehow in this great confusion
What we need is one big union
No upper classes, no lower classes
Everything belongs to the masses

A struggling man always knows
The jolly banker will foreclose
No good reason, except for that
Money, greed or the drop of a hat

Every man must have a home
Settle down and cease to roam
On the road or on the street
Every man needs food to eat

Nobody deserves to be wealthy
Or to have to pay to be healthy
Everybody deserves to be free
Free to be treated with equality

From the redwood forest
No more richest and poorest
To waters in the gulf stream
Equality must be our dream

Everybody deserves to see
The light of day most equally
For every hungry mouth to feed
One big union is what we need


Our world is measured in miles
Kilometers and inches and feet
Love is measured by our smiles
So smile at those you meet


If we were all created
To be tested by a God
Our actions will be rated
Sent to heaven with a nod

Something funny is going on
I noticed it from the start
How does it feel to be a pawn?
A guinea pig with a heart

Wonder why you do not see
The answer to such a quiz?
How this ever came to be
And what all this really is?

We happened to be here
It was bound to occur
As eternity seems near
It goes by in a blur

All that can possibly be
It will happen eventually
Everything is a possibility
All because of infinity


We have been here before
We know just what to do
It’s an illusion there is more
Than what we already knew


The same old joke
The same old face
The same old yoke
The same human race

The humans and sparrows
Retain narrow brains
As the slings and arrows
Turn to bombs and planes

Human nature remains
The war is the norm
Bound by the chains
Of the human form

Greed causes hate
Hunger does grow
Heaven can wait
Same as long ago

(Published by Lone Stars Poetry Magazine February 2017)