Despite distractions
Imposed by city life
My soul is tranquil
Freed of its strife

But I would pity
Henry David Thoreau
If he were to see
His brothers living so

Railroads are bad
He once insisted
He was not aware
Of all he predicted

His mind would be shocked
By a sniff at the breeze
At the sight of modem man
He would fall to his knees

When seeing leveled hills
Where trees used to grow
Trains might finally fill a need
For Henry David Thoreau


Walking down
Any old street
In New York City
Lots of people I meet

Sitting in a cafe
Watching them go by
Before I even say hello
They already said goodbye

Sometimes I feel
I would like to go
Back where it’s warm
Down in old Mexico

Instead I am stuck here
Frozen to the ground
In the winds of cold people
Blowing all around


Look hard and try to see me
Look closely and you will find
It is not me you really see
But the surface of my mind

Among us there can be no peace
Unless the crusts of minds
Are blown away and made to cease
From plaguing all mankind


Sitting alone
Drinking the beer
Trying to get stoned
It is like that here

Work all day
Come home at night
Paid every Friday
A cyclic plight


Strolled along a wooden dock
Until I spied a golden rock
Came upon the midnight fortune
Came another, wanted his portion

Fight and scratch, stab and shoot
Simply to acquire all of the loot
Wondered why, but could not say
Why it should have to be that way


Silent blades of grass surround me
In the sun so warm and bright
While the trees grow high around me
Nourished by the sun’s good light

How does man conceive that he
In the cold war of his mind
Knows more than the grass or tree
Which need no peace to find?


When the burden brings frustration
And you then break down to cry
It is all an interpretation
Existing behind your eyes

If release to freedom you seek to find
Then know it can only be found
In finding the binds are in your mind
By your thinking you are bound


Flying through the universe
At a million miles per hour
I made a stop on planet earth
To smell a few wild flowers

I was born and walked around
When a blast like dynamite
Blew my mind, knocked me down
And scared my soul from sight


I don’t need any politics
Of kings or high class lunatics
Misdirecting my mind
Just need a little food
And warmth when I’m nude
Kick back and see it feels fine

Don’t need any schools
With administered rules
Teaching me why to bleed
Just need a loved one
To make love and have fun
Each giving what we need

Don’t need any industries
Assembly lines or factories
Burning up my wick of time
Just need to grow
And watch it burn slow
Sipping some good grape wine

Don’t need responsibilities
Of commitments for activities
Scheduling my life away
Just need a soft bed
And rest for my head
Wake up to start the next day

Don’t need any inductions
With ordered instructions
To be next in line for the mold
Just need to be free
To live and let be
And find a hot fire in the cold


Walking along the road one day
Watching the cars rolling away
It made me feel badly deep inside
No one wanted to give me a ride

So I did stop on the side of the road
And sat down on my baggage load
Without words I began to pray ·
All of my sadness went away

Soon I forgot all about the cars
Instead I pondered all the stars
Just as I was about to give up
A car did stop to pick me up