Come on pretty baby
Let’s take a little trip
I’m not too young
And I’m not too hip

I’m going to California
Come away with me
Way down the road
Come along and see

We can hitch a ride
Or maybe just walk
Spend time with me
As we walk and talk

Three thousand miles
On a four day ride
As long as we’re together
We will be satisfied

Come and go with me
I will keep you near
I will keep you safe
You have nothing to fear

Together we can make it
In all kinds of weather
Our love for each other
Will keep us together

I will watch over you
By your side I will stay
You will never be alone
Not a moment or a day

You were born in New York
I was raised in L.A
Come along with me
I will show you the way

New York to California
I’ve been down that road
Let’s hit the highway
We can share the load

Make me your home
I will be your family
Bring along your love
Come away with me