The universe is in focus,
Right now and right here.
There is no hocus pocus,
No illusion of far and near.

Every planet, every being,
Every eye that’s anywhere,
Everybody who is seeing,
Aware that they are there.

The focus of the universe
Is in your own mind’s eye.
Alive for better or worse,
We lose the focus and die.

(Published by Lone Stars Poetry Magazine, Spring 2018)


The elephant calls out,
Here I am! I matter!
When he goes balls out,
In eloquent elephant chatter.


Evil must show its ugly face,
In order for the good to show.
Objects linger in empty space,
In a world of wonder and woe.

Desire for peace requires a war,
Just as death does require a birth.
Wealth does depend upon the poor,
Or so it goes upon this earth.

Duality does rule this place,
It can or cannot be denied.
Love and hate is the human race,
The humility and the pride.

As we live into the future,
Some will die of an unknown plague.
Seemingly the law of nature,
The murky truth is clearly vague.

Mystery of life can’t be solved.
Mystery is only a word.
Human thought remains unresolved,
As ordinary seems absurd.

Evil lurks in the minds of men,
As goodness and mercy do too.
Whatever happens, will again,
No matter what we try to do.

The rain will fall if it is dry,
And the sun sheds light in the dark.
Laugh and cry as we wonder why,
Just like a long walk in the park.