Somehow in this great confusion,
What we need is one big union.
No upper classes, no lower classes,
Everything belongs to the masses.

A struggling man always knows,
The jolly banker will foreclose.
No good reason, except for that,
Money, greed or the drop of a hat.

Every man must have a home,
Settle down and cease to roam.
On the road or on the street,
Every man needs food to eat.

Nobody deserves to be wealthy,
Or to have to pay to be healthy.
Everybody deserves to be free,
And to be treated with equality.

From the redwood forest,
No more richest and poorest,
To waters in the gulf stream,
Equality must be our dream.

Everybody deserves to see
The light of day most equally.
For every hungry mouth to feed,
One big union is what we need.

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