Quarter past five and the sky’s getting light
That old yellow sun will soon be in sight
I am driving home, I’ve been up all night
With these overtime, graveyard blues

Everywhere I look, there’s nobody around
Folks are just waking up, all over town
So they can go to work ’til the sun goes down
While I’ve got these old graveyard blues

After work I relax, as a general rule
Sit on my porch, watch the kids go to school
Drinking beer in the morning, I look like a fool
And I’ve got these old graveyard blues

My family’s waking up, I am ready for bed
When I should be awake, I’m asleep instead
Sometimes I feel I must be out of my head
And I get these old graveyard blues

Someday I’ll get a job, before my working days are done
When I won’t have to sleep beneath the heat of the sun
Spend every night with my wife, have a whole lot of fun
And forget about these graveyard blues

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