There was a time when ideas were new
We were young and thought them through
Responsibilities were unreal, society abstract
The love between us was an unspoken pact

We were bound to live and had to grow
What it all amounted to, we didn’t know
We stumbled on forward, hopeful that we
Somehow could be different, and be free

Some of us married, some took ships to sea
We all found out how hard it could be
To choose a way at a fork in the road
When either way is a hard, heavy load

Now you are in a prison, a hell of a place
In a country, in a world, someplace in space
Inside some organism, in an infinite maze
Trying to see beyond the moments and days

Will come a time when we, some day
Will be together and will wither away
Remembering old times in the dark
Striking upon that long lost spark

Mouthing regrets and hopes we share
Silently admitting how much we care
About the good times we once knew
Despite the bad times, we still grew

Talking, we will be walking along
Joining to harmonize in a silent song
Until then I bid you well, my friend
And hope to see you before the end