Sunset and the sky is gray,
Airplane motors humming away.
The highway is an endless trail.
Words are carried in the mail.

Words can devour peace of mind,
Appearing suddenly from behind,
To haunt our vacant memories
In lurking shrouds of vagaries.

Time will pass, and I shall see,
What tomorrow holds for me.
Direction in my thoughts is lost
Until each destination is crossed.

Waiting as the time does pass,
Surely, this life is not the last.
Because the end, we cannot see,
We must be in eternity.

Floating through infinity,
Like a boat upon the sea,
Clouds are moving in the sky;
Unknown is the reason why.

To look eternity in the face,
To see infinity within a space,
One must be more than a brain,
More than flesh, which drinks rain.

Meanwhile, I have some time to kill.
I think I’ll watch the whippoorwill,
Who does not worry, to live in strife,
But sings to make the best of life.

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