Strolling along casting shadows
On the shadows of the trees
Heat extracting moisture
Counteracted by cool breeze

Sunlight warms the dusty dirt
Hornets swarm the shaded eaves
Manufactured by civilized men
Who rake and burn the leaves

Smoke ascending up and away
Absorbed by the smoggy skies
Newborn bird tests its wings
But it falters as it flies

Young raccoon from wooded hills
On the highway its carcass lies
A crying sun looks upon
As a planet pitifully dies

Blades of grass straining to grow
Through cracks in sidewalk plains
Concrete streets continually spread
To block the soil from the rains

Distractions from the visible truth
Pollute and drown men’s brains
Governments flood mass media fears
To keep their subjects trained

Henry Ford cannot build a car
To take men to their souls
Hypnosis of material wealth
Destroys the minds it controls

To television and commercialism
Men’s intellects are sold
Measuring the value of life
By counting coins of gold

A lizard from a broken bush
Runs through scarce green weeds
In bold attempts the wind does blow
Scattering life with seeds

Striving for luxuriant survival
Escaping man’s degenerative deeds
With faith in the value of life
Despite our suicidal greed