Tonight I can sleep
Though unhappy I am
But I will not weep
I will not give a damn

I will lay my head
On this musty pillow
Let this flophouse bed
Be my weeping willow

One night off the street
Let the morning come
Life is so bittersweet
For this Bowery bum

At the Sunshine hotel
In this room of ten men
Let the world go to hell
It is where I have been

Up early in the morning
Breakfast on East Third
Street preacher is warning
With his message unheard

Today at the Muny
I renew my meal card
The portions are puny
This life is so hard

Panhandling for booze
White port will do
I have nothing to lose
That much is true

All I need is a drink
To go sit in the park
I will drink as I think
From morning ’til dark

Someday I will awaken
Beside a peaceful stream
May I never be forsaken
By this beautiful dream