It seems Jesus was a communist
In the best sense of the word
You might say he was a socialist
According to what I have heard

One for all and all for everyone
Give to those who have the least
When everything is said and done
All will be welcome at the feast

In the world Jesus had wanted
There would be no one in need
All evil would be confronted
No more selfishness or greed

In the world in which he believed
There would be no need for cops
All are forgiven, all are received
All the killing and violence stops

In his world there is no poverty
No more hunger under the sun
All would live a life of liberty
All would live and love as one

In his world, rivers flow clean
Food will be grown all around
Starvation will never be seen
The bread of life will abound

In his world we will all be free
To live in harmony and peace
In this world we all would see
All the fruitless fighting cease

In his world the guilt and sin
Will soon be all gone away
The losers will go on to win
It will be a brand new day

In his world our love will grow
All hatred will no longer be
Soon love will be all we know
Love will be all that we see

In his world, heaven will be now
Pain and suffering will be stilled
If mankind can survive somehow
A union of souls will be fulfilled

When all this hell does fade away
All the people will finally learn
Ideas of Jesus may rule some day
It is in this way he may return