My dog has no nose
So how does he smell?
Until he gets the hose
He will smell like hell

My cat has no eyes
So how does he see?
He soon will realize
He needn’t see to be

My fish has no spine
So how does it feel?
It will feel just fine
Enough to feel real

My mind has no brains
So how does it think?
It knows if it rains
Must be time to blink

My world has no peace
So how does it live?
Someday it will cease
No more lives to give

The sun may burnout soon
So how will we survive?
Without a sun and moon
We cannot stay alive

It all goes on somewhere
So how do this I know?
I can feel it in the air
Almost everywhere I go

My time has no end
So where does it go?
It goes around the bend
It goes ever so slow

I have been here forever
So where have I been?
From here to wherever
Ever since, forever when