This goes for everyone,
Whoever is reading this:
Though it has all been fun,
This world I will not miss.

Leave me alone when I die,
Don’t bother me anymore.
I will not hear if you cry,
So what are your tears for?

Stop nagging and complaining.
I can’t hear you if I am dead.
Stop the talking and explaining
And leave me alone instead.

Stop picking on me already.
Give me peace when I am gone.
I will die when I am ready,
Then please leave me alone.

Do not bug me or even hug me.
It is too late to be nice.
You might as well just mug me.
You cannot kill me twice.

I will not be around to hear you
When you talk, so don’t even try.
I will be far away, not near you,
So leave me alone when I die.

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