War is natural, and so is death
We are dead before we take a breath
Not to complain, but let me explain
To have pleasure, we must have pain

All things have opposites for a reason
Hot and cold each has its season
Black and white, wrong and right
Dark and light and day and night

Without mentioning any names
The one in charge is playing games
The only way to stay is to go away
The stage is set to perform the play

We cannot live unless we do not
Oh my, what an intriguing plot!
It keeps us on the edges of our seats
It is on, it is off, and then it repeats

Mountains are high, valleys are deep
In birth we awaken, in death we sleep
Unconscious and unaware we are gone
Death is the night and birth is the dawn

We cannot be happy without fear
No one can laugh without a tear
There cannot be love if not for hate
To wonder why is a hopeless fate