Was a time
Walking the hill and valley
Wonder did seize my being
Being did seize the wonder of me
Looking meant the same as seeing

Was a time
Seemed my intellect was sharper
Spiritual awareness more clear
Time suspended, horizons farther
Walked through life, void of fear

Was a time
Mankind was my flesh and blood
Newspapers brought tears to the eye
Beauty transcended the bloody mud
Heaven could be seen in the sky

Was a time
Complexities came into focus
And meaning was quite clear
Open the eyes and hocus pocus
Truth was honest and sincere

Came a time
Seeming burned out and older
With family, grabbing for a career
Survival harder, temperament colder
Could cry if left one righteous tear

Has come the time
Truth be more vague than ever
All past understanding seems nil
But before it fades into never
I pray for return to the hill