Note that I learned upon this day,
We bullshit all of our time away.
Thus does exist a bomb and a gun,
All of earth’s creatures on the run.

I go to the store and what do I see?
A whole lot of psychos, just like me.
People buying wine, whiskey and rum,
All unaware of where they are from.

Everybody is a psycho, far as I know,
Everywhere I look, everywhere I go.
Everybody is a psycho, it seems.
All day long and in his dreams.

Peering out from this place in space,
Within this nearsighted human race,
Fearing control by a hidden neurosis,
A product of some spiritual psychosis.

You must wonder, what does that mean?
Nothing is shown that is not seen.
You must wonder, what does he know?
What can you expect from a psycho?

I could kill you or you could kill me.
How much more insane can we be?
It just does not make sense anymore,
Time to go back to the liquor store.

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