Plato was smart
He was a very learned man
Aristotle and Descartes
Knew all a learned man can

Shakespeare was wise
He had a way with a play
When it came to writing words
He knew just what to say

William Blake was a mystic
He sure knew how to rhyme
His poetry of visions
Will last throughout time

Buddha was the enlightened one
His teaching brought peace of mind
Held high in the minds of men
In history he is one of a kind

Jesus was the wisest
He had the most to give
He told us all to share the world
To forgive, live and let live

Jesus told men how to live
To make this world paradise
Even though he was ignored
Truly gave the wisest advice

Napoleon won great fame
As powerful and without fear
If somehow he returned today
Crowds would come out and cheer

Scholars by the thousands
Philosophers by the score
Masters of art and science
Honored geniuses of war

Many books about great heroes
Looked up to and admired
Daydreams of glamour and glory
Ways of thought and living inspired

Rimbaud, Joyce and Baudelaire
Finding questions in their youth
Poetry, prayers and philosophy
Streams of words in search of truth

Socrates, Homer and Hippocrates
All men of historical renown
From Buddha to Christ to Hubbard
None explains what is going down

Many men ponder the universe
Nearly all men ponder the sky
Yet nowhere has it been written
To explain just how or why

Never has a book been written
Not a song nor a poem or play
Telling the meaning of existence
Leaving nothing more to say

No conclusion reached
No final answer found
In all the words of men
In any language around

In all the writing and talking
With all the songs we sing
Words do not go far enough
To explain what is happening

Many questions are unanswered
Countless truths remain unseen
Word worlds of empirical facts
Create an invisible screen

If truth does remain elusive
For a lifetime, we never see
Our only recourse is the faith
Death may solve the mystery

Maybe a man is wasting time
To wonder about life is wrong
But we cannot help but ponder
How everything came along

Prince Pachuca from Paducah
He knows what is happening
It cannot be explained in words
So he smiles, says not a thing

He watches as the world goes by
Helping it to survive
Knowing his being is its own reward
He is happy to be alive