The wind and the balmy breeze
Blowing softly through the trees
All the darkness of the night
Disappears in the morning light

The shadows on the ground
They do not make a sound
Awakened birds singing sweet
Make the forest seem complete

This world we call the earth
Comes into focus upon birth
For a brief moment in time
In this universe so sublime


It seems Jesus was a communist
In the best sense of the word
You might say he was a socialist
According to what I have heard

One for all and all for everyone
Give to those who have the least
When everything is said and done
All will be welcome at the feast

In the world Jesus had wanted
There would be no one in need
All evil would be confronted
No more selfishness or greed

In the world in which he believed
There would be no need for cops
All are forgiven, all are received
All the killing and violence stops

In his world there is no poverty
No more hunger under the sun
All would live a life of liberty
All would live and love as one

In his world, rivers flow clean
Food will be grown all around
Starvation will never be seen
The bread of life will abound

In his world we will all be free
To live in harmony and peace
In this world we all would see
All the fruitless fighting cease

In his world the guilt and sin
Will soon be all gone away
The losers will go on to win
It will be a brand new day

In his world our love will grow
All hatred will no longer be
Soon love will be all we know
Love will be all that we see

In his world, heaven will be now
Pain and suffering will be stilled
If mankind can survive somehow
A union of souls will be fulfilled

When all this hell does fade away
All the people will finally learn
Ideas of Jesus may rule some day
It is in this way he may return


Sometimes we are in heaven
Sometimes we are in hell
Mostly we are in between
We know this story well

Beyond our comprehension
No matter how hard we try
Eternity includes here and now
Not where we go when we die


If ever you should beat him up
Watch out or he may kill you
If you punch him in the nose
With bullets he may fill you

If you walk in his neighborhood
You had better not be black
He will watch and follow you
Make sure you don’t look back

Walking around while black
Can be such a dangerous thing
Better not walk to the store
To buy some candy or anything

We live in a nation of guns
We need our guns to feel free?
More than the right to live
A right to kill means liberty?

The killer said it was God’s plan
And he would not change a thing
But change must come to society
For the bells of justice to ring


Why in the world are we here?
Why is there so much to fear?
What causes the laughter?
The death and the hereafter

What causes all the crying?
Why do we need to be flying?
If we are born to be dying
What is the point in trying?

What could be the point of life?
There is always so much strife
Some drop dead in their prime
Just a drop in the ocean of time

Why should we even exist at all?
When we all are bound to fall
Though life may be a mystery
It makes no difference to a tree

Why should we even want to exist?
When gone, we are hardly missed
We have no value, whatsoever
Unless we can exist forever

Life is full of pain and tension
It is beyond our comprehension
We must live, and then must die
All we can do is wonder why


Sick and tired of all the bullshit
There seems to be no end to it
We accept war without a doubt
It seems we cannot go without

Chemical weapons cross the line
Bombs and bullets, those are fine
War must be fought within the rules
We live in a world of folly and fools

On and on we think and we talk
Lucky if we can drink or walk
We kill each other by the score
As we make a business of war

Born into this species so sad
Unable to know all war is bad
Helplessly hoping for the day
All the violence will go away


A rat in a maze, I learned my trail
I go to work, and I check my mail
When the time comes, I always vote
I play the game, don’t rock the boat

I read the headlines as they go by
I accept the norm, though with a sigh
I stop at the stop sign, almost every time
I don’t write it down unless it’s a rhyme

I watch all the news about all the killing
Even though such news is so unfulfilling
Caught in a maze, I was born this way
No more can I do, no more can I say


We came from the sunset
We came from the sea
With two we have a duet
With a trio we have three

Springtime comes upon us all
Then summer comes along
Autumn comes, leaves must fall
Winter will sing its sad song

All the dust and snowflakes
And everything else involved
We must do whatever it takes
To see every problem solved

Every moment we are sleeping
Every moment we are awake
Every moment we are weeping
We are crying for heaven’s sake

Beyond this world, a universe lurks
Beyond the stars and the sun
Whatever happens, somehow works
The infinite parts are all one

(Published by Lone Stars Poetry Magazine February 2017)


The unrest we are seeing
Is of the human kind
Heaven is a state of being
Hell is a state of mind

All this is in our nature
This fighting is what we do
Part of our nomenclature
Genetic, through and through

The animals are restless
The struggle must go on
The violence is relentless
In this world we live upon

As part of our evolution
It goes on again and again
There must be a revolution
Within the minds of men


Poetry that rhymes
May be out of fashion
Unfortunately for me
It is my passion

Just like a king
Must wear his crown
If it does not rhyme
I don’t write it down