A few years ago
When not very old
I decided I would go
To prospect for gold

I walked down the street
And looked from left to right
I even looked beneath my feet
With no gold mine in sight

I walked out to the highway
Deciding to search the world
Nothing ever came my way
As tragedies unfurled

I looked for gold everywhere
Seemed I would never succeed
Just as I did come to despair
Hope did come to impede

I looked all around
Through mountains and streams
In sight and in sound
And at night in my dreams

When out in the country
With the grass and the tree
I found it in a valley
Deep inside of me


Please tell me how I can talk to you
You see words from a different view
Whatever can we hope to explain?
Each mind is on a different plane

Of our varying views, each is defensive
Regarding all others as being offensive
Lighting the fires of pride, we compete
So we must taste the ashes of defeat

Some must be victors, so some must lose
An ego inflates, then deflates into blues
If one day is up and the next is down
Where in this life is true victory found?

For mutual victory we must strive
To keep the beauty of living alive
Giving all others the pride and respect
One from himself in conceit does expect

What do we have to disagree upon
If we agree we all must live on?
In clouds of thought, we dare disagree
When surely within us, we care to agree

For we are all but one of a kind
Seeking to live and find peace of mind
This cannot be done by quarreling way
The timeless moments of this eternal day


Here is a story heard long, long ago
About a nearby planet and how it did grow
Drifting souls in slumber on a cosmos morn
Sped through the galaxy in a raging storm
Putting the heavens in dire discontent
To have born such cosmic mutants

The storm raged on for countless days
Leaving them stranded in a physical maze
Of soil and blood and tears and rain
To gold and kings and man made pain
Awakened unaware on earth they were born
To be gagged and chained in the human form

Though many men thought themselves gods to be
Demons dwelt on many souls no mortal eye can see
So they built religions to pass away their time
Yet still thought of earth to be their only clime
Then they were lost to the devil’s grief
And blind to the joy of heaven’s relief