As the morning light came,
He awoke in the dust.
Too drunk to feel the shame,
His whole life was a bust.

It happened in the square.
He passed out in the dark,
Without anyone there,
All alone in the park.

He got up on his feet
And he looked all around.
As he walked to the street,
Only birds made a sound.

It was quiet at dawn,
The city still asleep.
With all his money gone,
He was in trouble deep.

Lucky to be so young,
He was just twenty-one.
His song may still be sung,
Have its day in the sun.

For those men much older,
Near the end of the line,
The wind is much colder,
The sun does hardly shine.

To die out on the street,
No family or friend,
Life is so incomplete
With such a bitter end.

Wherever you may roam,
Beneath the stars above,
Be thankful for a home
And for someone to love.