Ten thousand years,
It has only been two.
Eight thousand more,
Before we are through.

How many more years,
How long will it take,
To save all mankind
For heaven’s sake?

Ten thousand years
After Jesus’ birth,
The meek may finally
Inherit the earth.

Ten thousand years,
Until heaven is at hand,
Until peace and harmony
Spread through the land.

While we all wait,
We still kill and hate.
Let us hope we survive
Before it is too late.

Ten thousand years,
Eight thousand more,
Until we realize
What we are here for.

Ten thousand years,
Until we all can say,
This speck in the universe
Finally found its way.

Ten thousand years
Ahead of his time,
Jesus was put to death,
Yet committed no crime.

He said to the soldier,
“Love your fellow man.”
The soldier replied,
“I do not think I can.”

He said to the hungry,
“Have faith you will survive,
Take care of each other,
Be thankful you are alive.”

He said to the rich man,
“Give money to the poor.”
The rich man replied,
“Let Jesus live no more.”

Soldiers and officials,
Working for the state,
Nailed him to a cross,
And Jesus met his fate.

Ten thousand years,
Until we can see.
Eight thousand more,
Before we are free.

Ten thousand years,
For a world insane,
To end hopeless hunger,
To end needless pain.

Ten thousand years,
For us to make amends.
Eight thousand more,
Before we are friends.

Ten thousand years,
It has only been two.
Eight thousand more,
For us to break through.


It’s weird we live on this planet.
It’s weird that I have a beard.
Whether or not we did plan it,
This whole damn thing is weird.

It’s weird what we kill and die for,
It’s weird what we all will endure,
It’s weird what a bird will fly for,
Even with the air so impure.

So close to friends and family,
With loved ones so endeared,
Beyond our lives and family tree,
This whole universe is weird.

Life is such a wonder,
And death is often feared.
Before we go down under,
This life is oh, so weird.


Give me some guns.
I need me a gun.
Let me kill somebody,
And have me some fun.

We live in America,
That’s all you need to know.
Everybody get some guns,
Pull the trigger, let it blow.

I want an assault rifle,
With automatic fire.
I will kill me a dozen
Before I do retire.

Machine guns, Tommy guns,
Gatling guns and more.
Whatever gun it takes
To run up the death score.

How about a bazooka?
Or a tank, I don’t care.
Maybe I’ll get an H-bomb
If I am a billionaire.

Whatever it takes
To get our fill,
Let’s all get guns
And kill, kill, kill!