Pick up some earth in your hand.
What do you think of all that?
You are holding a piece of land
Where Jesus sat and spat.


The kingdom of heaven is at hand.
God is everywhere, within us all,
Walled up, hidden across the land,
In apartments, departments and malls.

So much, so long to be frustrated.
Somehow, forever, only now,
We must exist, so demonstrated.
The only question is “how?”

To live and love, to go through life,
To seem to accomplish it all.
Look up to see the cosmic knife;
No choice but to kneel and fall.

To fall in the face of the magnitude,
The individual, so small when compared.
Words of mundane thoughts intrude,
Not a moment nor a lifetime spared.

Learn to live until eternity is known.
Learn to love each moment as new,
Transcending infinity as our own,
We live to have something to do.


Walk on down a mile for awhile
And watch the sun go down.
Such a scene is more worthwhile
Than any movie screen in town.