There is more than my mother,
More than my father and I,
More than my sister and brother,
There is more than meets the eye.

We all have lived for some time.
There is something never seen,
In living, loving or making rhyme,
And the cosmos in between.

There is more than you and me,
More than our daughters and sons,
More than our eyes can see,
More than the planets and suns.

There is more than starvation,
More than killers and thieves;
Let us hope there is salvation,
Beyond this world that grieves.

There is reason for existence,
Perceived clearly, or be it unclear.
Believe this with persistence,
Against all the pain and fear.

Somewhere so far and distant,
And down deep within us all,
Lies a force applied every instant;
Planets die, it will never fall.

Having words, brains and a compass,
Only humans, we cannot explain.
Stars will burn out, eons pass,
Something shall always remain.

(Published by Lone Stars Poetry Magazine, November, 2023)