I gave you my time
I gave up my career
I gave you two children
And my life to you dear

You gave me your beauty
You gave me your love
You gave me your life
And the heavens above

We went through stress
We have gone through hell
We found each other’s faults
Sometimes the heavens fell

But what are we made of?
Has it all been in vain?
We need strength to balance
All the pleasure and pain

Life can be a hardship
All sour and in defeat
But then there are times
Life is victory so sweet

All the time work is heavy
It seems never to let up
The only rest is in the bed
It’s a struggle to get up

We work seven days a week
Just to eat and pay the rent
Seems we always are in debt
All our energies are spent

Pressure is so great sometimes
Survival starts to break down
Out flows the evil within us
We soon feel bad and frown

We curse and yell at each other
Like we are enemies in hell
The good we have between us
We have no chance to tell

Why must we argue?
Why must we fight?
We are nicer to strangers
More kind and polite

Could be we both are selfish
And are on the wrong track
Each seems to blame the other
For the load upon our back

What does it all come down to?
Where do we go from here?
When dust in the wind does settle
What will we see when it’s clear?

Be strong in darkness of bad times
Light up the joy, douse the sorrow
Make the best of the situation
We must have a brighter tomorrow

True love with another soul
Comes few times in this life
I want to be your husband
And I want you for my wife

I know I will love you always
Now and forever until I am dead
I hope that you will love me too
Throughout the many days ahead

Let forgiveness be our duty
Let kindness be our guide
Together we confront this life
Forever, side by side



The media installs the program,
The bureaucracy does the same.
You’re Billy or Dave, Sally or Sam,
Your name is but part of the game.

The individual is less of a man,
Or woman, in this world of ours.
People in power don’t give a damn,
We are born to die in just hours.

Abortion is the fashion these days,
You can kill me before I am born.
Trying to be born in so many ways,
My patience is getting quite worn.