Spending time in the physical,
Someone is bound to get bored.
See a child riding a bicycle,
Grown men playing shuffleboard.

Highways, airports, expensive arts,
A world of cars and garages.
Countless names for infinite parts,
Connected as intertwined collages.

Salt and pepper and ketchup bottles,
Security guards on midnight patrol.
Ignition keys, headlights and throttles,
Separated, yet parts of the whole.

Bottle of wine, makes you feel fine,
Wake up in the morning hungover.
Drive to work and stop at a sign,
No time to stop, and think it over.

Anyway, what more can I say?
Who tries to understand it now?
Anyone saying a prayer to pray
For answers to why and how?

Sometimes I wonder, and I wonder,
Shake it up and wonder some more.
I feel rain and hear the thunder,
Cold and wet, knocking on the door.

Blackbird in a leafless tree,
Pondering everything below.
Can anyone see more than he?
He glides on wind that blows.

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