So many roads you walk down in life
You have kids, your job and a wife
Things get rough, but still you keep on
There is a future and dreams to live on

The people you meet are really all the same
Each has a name, knows how to play the game
Most would never give the other a break
Each is in this world for his own sake

Too much concrete and people want to fight
We seem unable to see the community light
We waste time and move along like snails
Thinking only of ourselves, telling tall tails

Once I believed that heaven was at hand
But so many people, I cannot understand
Every one thinks he has it made in the shade
But in my opinion, does not make the grade

Trucks roll down the road to make it on time
The people think it is fun to read about crime
In a world so messed up, I can hardly believe it
It seems to me the only solution is to leave it

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