Hooray, yahoo, see the dancer.
Whoopee, hoot, hear the band.
Praise be if shown the answer,
But blindness covers the land.

Laugh, cry at men in movies.
Identify, and chuckle, oh-oh!
Boxing men on the TVs,
Ooh, ah, blow by blow.

Chimpanzee, see the chimpanzee.
Jump up and down, somersault.
Rings bells and hits home easy,
Locked in a chimpanzee vault.

Doggy dung sure smells good.
Wonder what dog was by here?
Bark, bark like a dog should,
Dog, who is that dog I hear?

Tweet, tweet birdies, lets lay eggs.
Caw, caw the crow does know.
Knows he has claws down his legs,
Knows that the wind does blow.

Baboons roaming in baboon herds
In a desert on a baboon level.
Eating, repeating baboon words:
“Oh baboons, in baboons we revel!”

“Hey, I’m a rat, that’s where it’s at.
I am into other rats like me.
Hey, hey cheese, cheese it, the cat.
Nibble, nibble, hey, way to be!”

Vroom, vroom, here come the cars,
Better than walking, anyway.
Plastic magic makeup, hide the scars,
Urinate and flush it all away.

Brush those teeth, pluck the brow,
Polish that body, make it shine.
Click those heels, whoopee, wow!
Dance and hoof it down the line.

Run and jump, punch and shout,
Kill that joker, spill some blood.
Hug on a rug and let it all out,
Let toes ooze through the mud.

Sniff and lick and stand on head,
Breath in deep, do a back bend.
Eat the food, chew and drop dead,
Everything must come to an end.

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust,
Ye came and ye shall go.
We do not die, the bodies must,
Fall the curtain, end of show.