Words are used to symbolize
Objects seen through our eyes,
And other things we perceive,
As these words, we conceive.

Words at times are inner feeling,
The energy of a soul revealing,
Such as fear and hope and hate,
Each a soul’s momentary state.

Words began so we could see,
All of our feelings do agree.
Then the wires became crossed;
So the empathy was all but lost.

Some words created by pain,
Make it difficult to explain,
Reasons for a child’s birth,
As we contemplate its worth.

Among these are words like greed,
Poverty, starvation, want and need,
Murder and evil, pity and hell,
Words known on this planet well.

Through millenniums, we can find,
Negativity of the human kind.
As many languages are spoken,
Communication is almost broken.

Compromises are seldom called.
Disagreements remain unsolved.
Words are used in shallow meaning
And to the cosmos are demeaning.

For meanings deeply understood,
Create judgments of bad or good,
So then the bad can be rejected,
As the good can be projected.

No one cares for an unkind word.
It seems unnatural, and absurd.
Yet still mankind does remain
To speak in words born of pain.

Conversations should import,
Words of help and of support,
As to create a force of souls,
To attain life’s highest goals.

Stars up in a black sky glisten,
As a universal ear does listen.
Human feelings are vibrated,
As the human words are stated.

So friends throughout the universe,
We share with you a simple verse,
For brothers and sisters far away,
These few words we have to say:

From the earth to you above,
We offer only words of love,
So the universe may increase,
Intensity of heavenly peace.


Been up and down and all around
This big confusing playground,
Looking to see if I could find,
Meaning to bring peace of mind.

Everybody was making toys,
Making me nervous with the noise.
Then I found you, and you did give,
All that I need, in peace, to live.

Now all I ever want to do
Beneath the sun is be with you,
Sit down on a hill of sand,
Watch the waves roll onto land.

Build a house or rent some rooms,
Contemplate the stars and moons,
Teach a few kids what to think of,
Raised in the image of your love.