Overflowing clouds of rain,
Cloudburst showers of human pain,
Meanwhile, someone tries to explain,
What we as men must fear.

We have only to fear ourselves,
In dark minds where evil dwells,
Among the thought fires of hell,
A soul does glimpse a mirror.

People will come, people will go,
Cold and windy snow does blow
And few if any seem to know,
The mind is just a veneer.

One is here to pump gasoline,
Another puts screws into a machine,
Each wallows in his private scene,
A universe calmly waits near.

A criminal escaping on the run,
Lives and dies at the point of a gun,
Rots in a grave when he is done,
At the end of an evil career.

Red and green and yellow lights,
Flashing in the don’t walk nights,
Tourists come to see the sights,
Vacationing every year.

Forests burn in the concrete fire,
Napalm’s dropped by a jet plane flier,
Junkies shoot up to try and get higher,
The stars shed not a tear.

Gravity holds things on the ground.
Princes and paupers can all be found,
Walking, falling and hanging around,
Sipping on whiskey and beer.

Blood drips from a normal day.
Preachers stand in Jesus’ way.
Blue sky, on the earth, turns gray
Into a lost paradise, we peer.

History evaporates into thin air.
Caesar begs Brutus for his life to spare.
Combat chaplain says a patriotic prayer,
As dreams of love disappear.

Into the wind, the butterflies fly.
An infant watches, as they fly by.
Confused, he hears his mother cry.
The butterfly god does not hear.

Over a meadow, a sparrow takes flight.
An old man sees it enter his sight,
Groans and complains, he doesn’t feel right.
The sparrow sings songs of good cheer.

Awaken each morning and look around.
Hear the birds singing a carefree sound.
Realize, nothing can be more profound
Than knowing that heaven is here.

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