Please tell me how I can talk to you.
You see words from a different view.
Whatever can we hope to explain?
Each mind is on a different plane.

Of our varying views, each is defensive,
Regarding all others as being offensive.
Lighting the fires of pride, we compete,
So we must taste the ashes of defeat.

Some must be victors, so some must lose.
An ego inflates, then deflates into blues.
If one day is up and the next is down,
Where in this life is true victory found?

For mutual victory, we must strive,
To keep the beauty of living alive.
Giving all others the pride and respect,
Each of us, in conceit, does expect.

What do we have to disagree upon,
If we agree we all must live on?
In clouds of thought, we dare disagree,
When surely within us, we care to agree.

For we are all but one of a kind,
Seeking to live and find peace of mind.
This cannot be done by quarreling way,
The timeless moments of this eternal day.

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