Here is a story, beginning long ago,
Of a nearby planet, and how it did grow.
Drifting souls in slumber, on a cosmos morn,
Sped through the galaxy in a raging storm,
Putting all the heavens in dire discontent,
So saddened to have born such cosmic mutants.

This inglorious storm raged for countless days.
Lost souls were stranded in a physical maze
Of soil blotted with blood and tears mixed with rain,
In a world full of wars, filled with man made pain.
Awakened unaware, on earth they were born,
All to be gagged and chained in the human form.

Although many men thought themselves gods to be,
Demons dwelt on souls, no mortal eye can see.
They built religions, to pass away their time,
Yet still thought of earth to be their only clime.
It was then they were lost to the devil’s grief,
And were blind to the joy of heaven’s relief.

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