We are illegal aliens in the sea,
So the dolphins see you and me.
We are litterbugs and polluters,
We are sailors and commuters.

Polluting the waters of sanctuaries,
With oil tankers and auto ferries.
Seabirds and oil do not mix.
The oil flows without a fix.

The ecosystem blown asunder,
Makes a poor boy stop and wonder,
What is this old world coming to?
The water dirty, the sky not blue.

As goes the ocean, so do we.
Our existence relies upon the sea.
Fish, crabs, humans and whales,
We all die if the ocean fails.

Nothing lasts forever, but forever,
No matter how clever our endeavor.
We shall never live, lest we die,
Nor will we survive, unless we try.


If you think about it,
You probably will find,
A problem is a concept,
It exists in the mind.

This world is messed up,
And it always has been.
It is no worse today,
Than way back when.

As we seem to have trouble,
All these words are thought.
There never was a time
When we have not fought.

It is the nature of nature,
Conflicts will abound.
Wherever there is life,
Turmoil can be found.

The wars between ants,
The lion will kill its prey.
All men are animals,
Whatever they may say.