Standing on the on ramp,
Waiting for a ride,
Feeling kind of lonesome,
And restless inside.

Off to see the world,
Taking a little trip,
Hoping I will find out
What it means to be hip.

Taking to the highway,
Living on the road,
Every day a little brighter,
With a little lighter load.

Searching for an answer,
The question is unknown.
Heading nowhere special,
I fly to say “I’ve flown.”

Blowing with the wind,
The destination unclear.
Knowing I will get there
Without a doubt or fear.

With faith I will survive,
Knowing nature will provide,
Without food or money,
Using my thumb with pride.

Standing on the on ramp,
Inside the freeway sign,
Wherever the driver’s going,
It suits me just fine.

As long as we are going,
Exactly where, I don’t care.
I will sleep in his car,
And rest until we are there.

Next stop is Kansas City,
If I have to walk or run.
After that, who knows where?
Everywhere, before I’m done.

Then there will come a time,
And soon will come a day,
When I will find my home,
Where forever I will stay.

I will rest my bones,
My travels will be done,
The happiest man alive,
Here beneath the sun.

I am the king of the highway,
And I’m going to be home soon,
Where I can do things my way,
And dance to my own tune.

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