Duality does rule this place,
It can or cannot be denied.
Love and hate are the human race,
Full of humility and pride

Evil must show its ugly face,
For beautiful goodness to show.
Objects linger in empty space,
In a world of wonder and woe.

Desire for peace requires a war,
Same as death does require a birth.
Some are wealthy, others are poor;
So it goes, here upon this earth.

As we live into the future,
Many will die of some new plague.
Life and death are laws of nature.
Ultimate truth is clearly vague.

Mysteries of life are unsolved.
Mystery is only a word.
Human thought remains unresolved.
Ordinary may seem absurd.

Evil lurks in the minds of men,
Same as goodness and mercy do.
We all die, but may live again;
We speculate this to be true.

The rain will fall where all is dry.
The sun will shed light in the dark.
We laugh and cry and wonder why,
Just like a long walk in the park.

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