Some of us do not care
For a diamond or shiny pearl
No one stone could be so rare
As gazing upon this world

What role were you cast to play
Upon this stage called earth?
Exactly how much would you say
The part you play is worth?

Can you play the businessman
Acting in scenes of war?
Can you play the fisherman
Selling his fresh albacore?

Can you play the workingman
Bowing as royalty passes
Or play the parasite ruling man
Thriving on workers’ taxes?

Can you play a rich man in jail
Buying his freedom with gold
Or play the judge who sets the bail
As though life can be sold?

Can you play the owner of land
Who sells lots by the shore?
Can you make cement from sand
To build the jewelry store?

Do you wear a military coat
Or wear hats and jewelry?
Do you stand in line to vote
Then wait for the decree?

Are you nicely uniformed
In costume for your role?
Do you still feel so adorned
Backstage inside your soul?

Part of the play is a comedy
With laughter in the wings
The rest is all a tragedy
With chains, pains and kings

Can your lines me memorized
To make your performance good?
Can real tears fall from your eyes
If following the script they would?

Schools all teach the history
Of what mankind has done
Passing the bloody legacy
Each father to his son

Lessons are learned quite well
To teach men how to compete
Claiming things to buy and sell
To work and to lay concrete

See the lawyer and the clerk
The potter and the priest
Placing all value in their work
They soon will be deceased

Governments and kings all say
Their laws are in the right
Soon the earth will fade away
Its laws removed from sight

The curtain finally will fall
When the play does end
Soon after the curtain call
The play will begin again

Shakespeare said the world’s a stage
And we are all just players
But some of us don’t like the wage
And so are just spectators