A devil stands in society’s shadows
Disguised as laws and false leaders
Who sent Jesus Christ to the gallows
And left us with hypocrite preachers

We see a king called a governor
Cruising a store fronted avenue
Walk farther and tum the comer
The Bowery comes into view

Bowery bums, drunk all the time
As they spend some time on earth
Looking for heaven in a bottle of wine
As though that is all it is worth

The king lights up an imported cigar
Made especially for his taste
Lights his cigar with a bill of one dollar
As we ponder the meaning of waste

Police escort his new limousine car
Protecting his body and his wealth
But a shiny car will not take him far
With a soul that is weak in health

We obey the royal doctrines of rules
As buildings race up to the sky
Houses of industry and its schools
And we see robot minds drift by

We learn in school to believe in laws
And to vote for these political kings
Wealthy men use their vulture claws
As they prey upon material things

Stealing what they do not need
Denying fellow men fair shares
Seeking to succeed in profane greed
Never seeing beyond earthly cares

Greed is one of the devil’s names
It helps create the hell we are in
Poverty comes from losing in games
All of us striving for wealth to win

Floating on an endless stream
For time that is without measure
We all are waiting to be redeemed
In search of a sacred treasure