When I was just a little kid
I always ran away and hid
Because I wanted to be free
Just the planet earth and me

My parents though, would not let me go
They claimed it wasn’t supposed to be so
And I believed them for awhile
For I was only a gullible child


We all should be giving
Lending a helping hand
We all could be living
Off the fat of the land

In your moment in infinity
So great would be the difference
To awaken and be free
With pride in mere existence

Citizens of the state
With your destinies foretold
Protectors of the fortress gate
Your minds are bought and sold

Tell me honored citizenry
Is it pleasant being asleep?
Is it comfortable in captivity
Within this flock of sheep?

You go to the schools
And plan your life
Then follow the rules
And contract a wife

Now, I can plainly see
Having opened my eyes
Most of what was told to me
Was not the truth, but lies

Without a plan, I begin
Like windblown sand
To blow with the wind
Off the fat of the land


Crazy and confused
We win and lose
Accepting despair
And do not choose
To be aware
Enough to care
About the condition
We are really in


Think about all of us
Being pulled about the sun
We can’t get out, so realize
There is no place to run

There is no doubt, all we do
Has already once been done
No end can come to a universe
When nothing was ever begun

Stranded here, we must accept
Every inch as our home
Far and near do not exist
No matter where we roam

We are the owners of nothing
And by nothing are we owned
One for all or all for nothing
No one lives to die alone


Sometimes I used to fear
I was only just barely here
Then came a day when I could see
All that was heard very soundly
And feel what was seen around me

So while the sun is shining
With the stars in the skies
I balance my weight
On the planet as it flies
Then take hold of an ancient sea
And ride it through eternity

This year I am awake
And riding on a train
Hoping the tracks lead me
Away from the smoggy rain

For now I will keep on rambling
Stopping when I see a friend
Passing away each moment of the day
As though it will never end