We all should be giving,
Lending a helping hand.
We all could be living
Off the fat of the land.

In your moment in infinity,
So great would be the difference,
To awaken and be free,
With pride in mere existence.

Citizens of the state,
With your destinies foretold;
Protectors of the fortress gate,
Your minds are bought and sold.

Tell me honored citizenry,
Is it pleasant being asleep?
Is it comfortable in captivity,
Within this flock of sheep?

You go to the schools
And plan your life,
Then follow the rules
And contract a wife.

Now, I can plainly see,
Having opened my eyes,
Most of what was told to me,
Was not the truth, but lies.

Without a plan, I begin,
Like windblown sand,
To blow with the wind
Off the fat of the land.

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